• Distinctive looks, pioneering ergonomics.
• Breathable, form-fitting, Pellicle® suspension for unmatched thermal comfort.
• PostureFit® innovation provides superior back support, the only adjustable sacral support available.
• The only office chair most people can identify by name.
• In stock, same day delivery!
• 12-year warranty.

• Together in motion: Mirra 2 moves with you, at one with your body,adapting instantly and supporting even micro movements.
• The responsive Butterfly Back™ results from inventing a method for merging a fabric layer with polymer veins to create an intelligent support structure.
• A reinvented Harmonic™ tilt creates a smooth and balanced feel as you move from one posture to another, regardless of your stature.
• A redesigned seat increases airflow to keep you cool and makes seat-depth adjustments easy.
• Added selections for textile and back colors along with new options for base finishes increase your range of choices.
• Less material used intelligently makes Mirra 2 more responsive to your body, and more responsible to the Earth.
• In stock, same day delivery!
• 12-year warranty.

•The tilt provides natural, balanced motion through a range of posture changes. Its additional “kicker” feature provides an extended recline for stretching.
•Supports your spine at the sancrum preventing slouching and fatigue while you sit.
•The pixels provide targeted pressure distribution throughout the seat and back (for optimal weight distribution, blood flow, and thermal comfort).
•The chair’s backrest aligns with your back’s natural curve to uniquely support each region of your spine.
•The narrow design at the top of the chair encourages torso movement and allows for arms to swing freely, increasing airflow into the lungs.
•Supportive layers in seat work together reduce seated pressure and allow for airflow,keeping you cool.
• 12-year warranty.


• Refined profile, distinctive comfort and style.
• Available in executive, management, side, and lounge versions.
• At home in classic and contemporary interiors.
• A quiet statement of enduring design.
• Side and lounge chairs available with four-star base; executive and management chairs available with five-star base.
• Extensive leather options available for creating a variety of looks, from light to dark, traditional to contemporary.
• 12-year warranty.


• Ergonomic design, long-term durability, a unique aesthetic—at a great price.
• Flexes with sitter, conforms to shape and movement, distributes weight properly.
• Lets air pass through, enhancing all-day comfort.
• Harmonic™ tilt keeps people balanced and in control leaning forward or reclining.
• 12-year warranty.